About Us

About Us


Why choose Wundershed?

Who doesn’t need more space? Apart from being stylish and economical, WUNDERSHED is built from the finest materials. Most notably our SIP wall system provides extraordinary strength, insulation and longevity enabling years of multi seasonal use. Our building method provides you with the flexibility to configure the windows, doors, interior and exterior to your liking.
According to the UCLA Modern Anthropology studies, homeowners in North America, use their backyard for only 3% of their total free time, which is a shame. WUNDERSHED seeks to change this by helping homeowners reclaim their backyards!


What should I use my Wundershed for?

Your WUNDERSHED is designed to be used in numerous ways. Home Offices, Guest Rooms, Music/Art Studios, Yoga Studio`s, Man Caves, Home Gyms, Storage, Workshop, Pool House, or simply a Garden Room. As you can see, the uses are endless! What would you do with more room?


How long will it take to install my Wundershed?

Approximately 4 to 5 weeks. Additional time must be considered for shipping and delivery depending on your location. The initial installation is rapid, and should take no more than 4 days. Our larger structures would require an additional 1-2 days.


What are the Dimensions?

Due to the highly customizable nature of our design the details below should be considered guidelines. 
The WUNDERSHED is 12ft  Wide X 8 ft Deep X  10ft High
The WUNDERSHED XL is variable in length, width and height to accommodate your desires.


Do I need a Building Permit?

For any WUNDERSHED under 108 Sq Ft, no building permit is required in the GTA.
All larger models require permitting to comply with local zoning. 
As local zoning bylaws limit what you can do on your property, we advise all clients to check with their bylaws or use our permitting services to navigate the process. 


How is Wundershed shipped?

We deliver your Wundershed direct to your site via delivery truck. The WUNDERSHED is prefabricated, flat packed and assembled onsite. Delivery within the GTA is included in the price.
For locations outside of the GTA please contact us directly. 


How much does Wundershed cost?

We are proud that a basic WUNDERSHED can start at $135 per sqft. Due to the option packages our prices vary proportionality to your option choices.
Other factors include more complex foundation systems and location.