Is Wundershed Insulated?

Yes! Thanks to our SIP technology, we can boast about our extremely tight and  well insulated structure! This enables you to use it in the summer as easily as you would in the winter.


Will Wundershed rot or leak?

WUNDERSHED is specially constructed to avoid leakage. The interior and exterior are specifically designed to protect and ventilate the structure.


How can I heat my space? 

Due to WUNDERSHED's insulation and size minimal heat sources are required to warm the space.
Our heating packages are all sufficient options to heat your space.
Orienting a majority of your windows South will assist in passively heating the space.

How can I cool my space? 

Great insulation works both ways and helps maintain a cool and consistent temperature inside the shed.
For larger models we suggest the ductless mini split for complete climate control.