WunderCar: a cost effective solution for your vehicle storage. You can choose a 1 or 2 car option. Like all our products all options are fully customizable and perfect for all seasons.


All Season

Summer or Winter, Rain or shine, stay comfortable all year round.

Quick Installation

Specifically designed,  to minimize the construction time, and impact to your life. 


A perfect multi use room, giving you limitless options. 


From the color palette to materials, everything built just the way you imagined.


Not only are our products super durable, but we stand behind them with a 3 year roof to floor warranty.

Cost Effective

All of our products are designed and engineered to deliver the most economical building solution for your home. 

Tech Enabled

Monitor, your WunderCar’s climate, activity, and humidity remotely from your smartphone. The first truly connected shed.


Floor space:  From 200 SqFt
Height: 10ft
Overall Length: 20ft
Overall Width: From 12 ft
Exterior materials: Multiple choices
Wall Material: Structural Insulated Panels
Roof Thermal Value: R35 

Floor Thermal Value: R24
Wall Thermal Value: Min. R20
Weight: ~ 20lbs / SQft
Power: Electrical wiring included
Thermal Windows: Yes
Thermal Doors: Yes


  • Swift Foundation System
  • Single Glass Door
  • Electrical Wiring and Outlet
  • Roof & Trim (Black or White)
  • Installation
  • Transportation 
  • Low energy light fixtures
  • Delivery
  • Thermal Windows
  • Thermal Doors
  • 3 year window to wall warranty
  • OSB interior
  • R24 roof (minimum)
  • CO2 and Air Quality Monitoring 
  • R15 walls(Minimum)
  • R24 floor (minimum)
  • Paintable Cermaic heat panel
  • Rain Screen cladding system
  • Smart home monitoring

Design Hours


Testing Days


Prototype Revisions


Master Piece

Starting from 
210 / SQft